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Lisette Model fonds: Finding Aid

Lisette Model fonds:

Finding Aid

Series 10 - Study Photographs

LM.AR11.SP Lisette Model: Study Photographs
Lisette Model Prints:
Box 24 New York Windows (36 b/w prints and nine 35mm contact sheets)
Museums (four b/w prints)
Senile Lady, New York area (19 b/w prints)
Portrait of Mondrian (one b/w print)
Provincetown (one b/w print)
M.E.T. (three b/w prints)
Harper's Bazaar Assignment (four b/w prints)
Miscellaneous Urban Signs (seven b/w prints)
Miscellaneous Portraits (15 b/w prints)
Self-Portraits (seven b/w prints; one 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 b/w contact print)
Opera, San Francisco (one 35mm b/w negative)
Portraits of Other Photographers (Abbott, Kertesz, Cunningham, Kazmarek, E. Smith?); (three b/w prints)
Box 25Dylan Thomas (three b/w prints, dated April 1958)
Box 26Las Vegas Proofs:
Sammy Davis, Jr. (six b/w prints)
Strippers and Entertainers, no. 1 (55 b/w prints)
Strippers and Entertainers, no. 2 (36 b/w prints)
Architecture and Signs (22 b/w prints)
Box 27Rome Proof Prints (71 b/w prints)
Box 28Rome Proof Prints (70 b/w prints)
Luzern 1977 (11 b/w enlarged contact print sheets, 35mm and 2 1/4 inches)
Box 29Rome Proof Prints (80 b/w prints)
Miscellaneous Friends and Family (13 b/w prints)
Miscellaneous Portraits of Olga Seybert (16 prints)
Box 31Lisette Model's apartment and Evsa Model's studio classes (10 b/w prints, three 35mm b/w contact print sheets)
Evsa Model's paintings (18 prints)
Miscellaneous portraits of Evsa Model (68 b/w prints)
Box 33Phyllis Diller, California (31 b/w prints)
Clairvoyant, California (15 b/w prints)
Bee Wood, California (13 b/w prints)
Los Angeles, California (two b/w prints)
San Francisco, California (three b/w prints)
Female Model, Los Angeles, California (one b/w print)
Box 35Italian Work Prints (111 b/w prints and one 35mm b/w contact sheet)
Other Photographers' Prints:
Box 23Prison Photographs (47 b/w prints)
Marc Kazmarek (three b/w prints)
Steven Frank (one b/w print)
D. Malz (one b/w print)
W.R. Heick (eight b/w prints)
Gestying Pilote Produx et Cumpane (five b/w prints)
Jun Shiraoka (seven b/w prints)
K. Robert Buck (one b/w print)
David Papas (six b/w prints)
Rick Hutter (one b/w print)
Dena (four postcards)
Portraits of Lisette Model by: (60 b/w prints)
Box 30Raymond Jacobs
Ansel Adams
Olga Seybert
Todd Webb
Toby Bornstein
Irene Fay
Nata Piaskowski
Sy Katzoff
Samson Raphelson
Ann Winters
Georges Tourdjman
Maxie Robinson
Alan Carey
Sammy Davis
Minor White
Portraits of Lisette Model by Unidentified Photographers (38 b/w prints)
Box 32Eileen Lewis (87 b/w prints)
Bruno Requillart and/or Bianca Canada (portfolio of 47 b/w prints)
Portrait of unidentified man and reproduction of painting, by Olga Seybert? (four b/w prints)
Box 34Miscellaneous prints from unidentified photographers (20 b/w prints)
b/w photographic reproductions (book pages) by unidentified photographer (pages numbered 1-12)
Two scrapbook pages with photographs attached to surface
Portrait of woman taken at Glaser Studio, New York
Three postcards
Strindberg photographs sent to Lisette Model by Per Hemmingsson, see Correspondence/Personal series (23 b/w prints)
Tintype double portrait
Three portraits of a woman ("V. Reid" is written on verso of each print); (3 b/w prints)
Box 36File 1Installation views of LM's exhibition, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
File 2Installation views of LM's exhibition, Ikona Photo Gallery
File 3Installation views of LM's exhibition, MoMA 1981
File 4Installation view of LM's exhibition, MoMA
File 5Sander Gallery Installation, 1976
File 6Sander Gallery Installation, 1988
File 7Installation views of LM's exhibition, Essen (La Médaille de la Ville de Paris presentation) 1982
File 8Installation views of LM's photographs and miscellaneous contact prints
Photographs kept in Photography Dept. SP1 Vault
Black and White Photographs
Box 34PSC90:393.1 to PSC90:393.4 (b/w photographs of Lisette Model) by Ansel Adams
PSC90:382 (b/w photograph of Caracas, ) by Olga Seybert 1954
PSC90:362 and PSC90:363 (b/w photographs of Evsa Model) by Lisette Model
PSC90:373.2 and PSC90:373.3 (b/w photographs of Evsa Model's studio on Grove Street) by David Vestal
PSC90:376 (b/w photograph) by David Vestal; "Coast of Bahia Brazil 60/B/37-2 for Lisette with love David," inscribed on verso 1960
PSC90:345 (b/w photograph image mounted on wood)
PSC90:380 (b/w photograph of Evsa and Lisette Model) by Todd Webb
PSC90:391 (b/w photograph of black couple) by unknown photographer
PSC90:390 (b/w photograph of back of black girl's head) by unknown photographer
PSC90:389 (b/w photograph of dancer (multi-exposure) by Hugh Laing
PSC90:388 (b/w photograph of Caracus ) by Olga Seybert 1952
PSC90:387 (b/w photograph of boy) by Marion Palfi 1949
PSC90:386 (b/w photograph of Imogen Cunningham?) by Hide
PSC90:385 (b/w photograph of women beating drum) by Bernard Plossu
PSC90:383 (b/w photograph of Lisette Model) by Olga Seybert
PSC90:381 (b/w photograph of Lisette and Evsa Model) by David Swartz
PSC90:379.1 (b/w photograph of interior with window) by Nancy Rexroth
PSC90:379.2 (b/w photograph) by Nancy Rexroth
PSC90:378 (b/w photograph of woman lying on a bed) by Nancy Rexroth
PSC90:377.1 - PSC90:377.4 (b/w photographs of Lisette Model) by Trude Fleischmann
PSC90:375 (b/w photograph of Lisette Model) by David Vestal
PSC90:374 (b/w photograph of interior - studio of Evsa?) by David Vestal
PSC90:373.1 (b/w photograph of 55 Grove Street, New York) by David Vestal
PSC90:359 and PSC90:360 (b/w photographs of figure lying on the sidewalk/curb in front of wall with painted crosses on it) by Lisette Model
PSC90:361 (b/w photograph of stone wall with graffiti) by Lisette Model
Black and White Photographs
Box 37PSC90:370 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Décember 1966 to Lisette with all my love Marc" [Kaczmarek?] inscribed on verso
PSC90:369 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Spanish Harlem 64 Marc Kaczmarek" inscribed on verso
PSC90:368 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Harlem 64 Marc Kaczmarek" inscribed on verso
PSC90:367 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Central Park 64 Marc Kaczmarek" inscribed on verso
PSC90:366 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Broadway 64 Marc Kaczmarek" inscribed on verso
PSC90:365 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Broadway 64 Jean Marc Kaczmarek" inscribed on verso
PSC90:364 (b/w photograph, oversize); "Zurich 64 Marc Kaczmarek" inscribed on verso
PSC90:371 (b/w photograph, oversize, of LM in truck - catalogue cover) by Paul Diamond
PSC90:349 to PSC90:358 (enlarged b/w contact sheet with enlarged 2 1/4-inch contact prints of Valeska Gert) by Lisette Model
PSC90:340 to PSC90:247 (enlarged b/w contact sheet with enlarged 35mm contact prints of Venice, Italy) by Lisette Model
PSC90:339 (enlarged contact sheet with enlarged 35mm contact prints of T.V. images?) by Lisette Model
Colour Photographs
Box C38PSC90:397 (colour polaroid of Lisette Model) by Gerd Sander, c. 1980
PSC90:396 (colour polaroid of Lisette Model) by Lee Witkin 10.21.80
PSC90:394 (colour photograph of Lisette Model) by Felicia Sachs
PSC90:398 (colour polaroid of unidentified man) by Lisette Model
PSC90:399 (colour polaroid of unidentified couple) by unknown photographer
PSC90:400 (colour polaroid of Lisette Model) by unknown photographer
PSC90:401.1 & PSC90:401.2 (colour polaroids of Lisette Model and unidentified man) by unknown photographer
PSC90:392 (colour transparency of Lisette Model) by Imogen Cunningham
PSC90:384 (colour photograph of Italian architecture) by Franco Fontana; "for Lisette, From FFontana 79" inscribed on recto
PSC90:372 (colour photograph, man in landscape) by unknown photographer
two colour transparencies of Lisette Model by Imogen Cunningham
four colour photographs mounted on board of nudes by Maurice Thomas
two colour stereoviewer images of Lisette Model by unknown photographer
one colour slide of an unidentified woman by Joan Roth
13 polaroids of Lisette Model's apartment (by David Vestal?)
one 8x10 colour photograph of the living room of Lisette Model's apartment (March 1983)
one colour slide of a painting by Evsa Model
one colour slide of Lisette Model taken by Ansel Adams
one colour photograph of a man; "Rumi Eujineer, 1975" inscribed on verso
five 35mm colour negatives; two portraits of Lisette Model, one double portrait of Lisette and Evsa Model, two portraits of Evsa Model in his studio
six colour photographs of Lisette Model and friends by unknown photographers
five polaroids of Lisette Model and friends by unknown photographers

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