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Lisette Model fonds: Finding Aid

Lisette Model fonds:

Finding Aid

Series 5 - Professional Papers

Professional Papers - Awards and Certificates
LM.AR5.PRP.01 Lisette Model: Awards and Certificates; date range of items: ?.10.1952 to 5.4.1982
Box 9File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.1 ?.10.52
World Exhibition of Photography Lucerne 1952, Diploma
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.2 29.5.68
The American Society of Magazine Photographers, Honorary Member Certificate; "in recognition of the great and lasting contribution she has made to photography as both a photographer and a teacher"; [for correspondence relating to the awarding of this honour see Correspondence/Awards series, LM.AR2.AW2.1 and LM.AR2.AW2.2]
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.3 ?.1.80
Photographers Forum Annual Award 1980; "honors Lisette Model for significant contribution as photographer and educator" [one mock-up copy and two more rendered copies]
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.4 4.6.81
LM's honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from the New School for Social Research
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.5 4.6.81
Forty-fifth Commencement Exercises, New School for Social Research [commencement programme lists LM and Berenice Abbott as recipients of Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa]
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.6 4.6.81
telegram from Ronald Reagan, President, congratulating LM and Berenice Abbott on their honorary degrees from the New School for Social Research
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.01.7 5.4.82
La Médaille de la Ville de Paris [for correspondence relating to the awarding of this honour see Correspondence/Galleries series, LM.AR2.G13.1 - LM.AR2.G13.4]
Professional Papers - Camera and Photography
LM.AR5.PRP.02 Lisette Model: Camera and Photography; date range of items: 9.26.1967 to 1979
Box 8File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.1 n.d.
two sheets in LM's handwriting listing camera models and numbers
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.2 n.d.
operating manual, Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.3 n.d.
owner's manual, Konica C35
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.4 n.d.
Olympus pen instructions [owner's manual]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.5 n.d.
Zeiss Hologen f/8, 15mm [promotional pamphlet]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.6 n.d.
Spiratone Instant Power Pack for Spiralite Monopak [promotional pamphlet]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.7 n.d.
Minolta Technical Bulletin No. 1, "Discussion of Macrophotography with the Minolta SR System"
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.8 n.d.
"How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera," Teacher's Edition, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N.Y. [photocopy of booklet]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.9 n.d.
"Spotone, The Drop Control Method of Retouching," Retouch Methods Co. Inc. [sheet]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.10 n.d.
LM's hand-written notes on various developing and printing techniques [one sheet, double-sided]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.11 n.d.
film Rating Conversion Table and Filter Table [card, double-sided]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.11a n.d.
LM's handwritten notes on developing process, Chromium Kodak Intensifyer [?]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.12 n.d.
LM's hand-written instructions for URAB Developer [index card, double-sided]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.13 n.d.
typewritten instructions for Beutler Developer [index card, one side only]
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.14 n.d.
Ansel Adams Photography Course, Museum of Modern Art; typewritten sheet giving instructions for stock solutions of a developer
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.15 n.d.
piece of cardboard with a graduated tone scale (black to mid-white) adhered to it; "Isopan D-23, 17 min." written beside scale
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.16 9.26.67
Fotoshop Inc., purchase receipt for photographic supplies
File 11LM.AR5.PRP.02.17 10.2.69
Holz Associates Inc., insurance brokers statement, camera floater $58 due
Box 10File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.18 7.6.70
Marine Office of America Underwriters Renewal Certificate
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.19 8.3.70
Holz Associates Inc. Insurance Brokers Invoice No. 8380, camera floater, $60
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.20 4.17.71
Honeywell Pentax warranty registration card for Spotmatic; originally for body no. 2843277, replaced by no. 2880790
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.21 4.19.71
Holz Associates Inc., Insurance Brokers Binder/Endorsement Order, adding two cameras and a lens to policy
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.22 4.27.71
Holz Associates Inc., Insurance Brokers Endorsement No. 1, adding two cameras and a lens to policy
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.23 5.10.71
customer's receipt for repair of Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic no. 2843277 from Peerless Camera
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.24 5.18.71
carbon copy letter from LM to Honeywell Inc., Denver, Colorado; regarding problems with Spotmatic Pentax no. 284377 [sic], asking for a replacement
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.25 6.14.71
response from Honeywell Inc.; still waiting for her camera to be delivered to them for servicing
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.26 6.23.71
letter from Honeywell Inc.; cannot offer LM a replacement without inspecting camera first
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.27 7.23.71
notice of repairs completed on Pentax Body by Peerless Camera
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.28 8.4.71
customer's copy of invoice from Peerless Camera for Spotmatic Body no. 2880790 in exchange for Spotmatic Body no. 280274 [?]
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.29 n.d.
repair receipt no. 94953 for Pentax from Professional Camera Repair Service Inc.
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.30 7.13.77
AARP Insurance Plan Statement notice
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.31 6.20.78?
Shipping invoice from Polaroid Corporation to LM
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.32 8.79
"Leica Tests, 8/79", series of contact prints, adhered to cardboard, using 35mm, 40mm, and 50mm lenses
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.33 1978
American Society of Magazine Photographers; Professional Practices Committee Report "Photographers and the New Copyright Law"
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.34 1979
American Society of Magazine Photographers; "Assigning Photography: The Basic Considerations"
File 1LM.AR5.PRP.02.35 n.d.
loose sheet with LM's handwriting on it listing various cameras and lenses
Professional Papers - Artist's Statements
LM.AR5.PRP.03 Lisette Model: Artist's Statements; date range of items: 7.12.1951 to ca. 1964
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.1 7.12.51
typewritten text entitled "Pictures As Art - Instructor Defines Creative Photography As Scientific Eye That Captures Life" [text was published]
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.2 n.d.(ca.1964)
typewritten text entitled "The Image of our Image," [accompanied LM's 1964 Guggenheim application]
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.3 n.d.(ca.1964)
typewritten text with LM's handwritten annotations, apparently entitled "glamour a mirror of our civilization"
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.4 n.d.(ca.1964)
handwritten text by LM entitled "Project," regarding Guggenheim "glamour" project
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.5 n.d.(ca.1964)
handwritten notes by LM giving various dictionary definitions of the word glamour
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.6 n.d.(ca.1964)
handwritten notes giving various definitions of the word glamour under "glamour (also glamer 1720)" heading; not in LM's handwriting
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.7 n.d.
typewritten text by LM: "Two tendencies dominate the field of photography to-day. . . ." [cited in "What is Modern Photography, "American Photography, vol. 45, no. 3, 1951, p. 153]
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.8 n.d.
typewritten text by LM; slightly different version of LM.AR5.PRP.04.5
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.9 n.d.
second copy of LM.AR4.PRP.04.6 with pencil annotations by LM and "Symposium, Museum of Modern Art" written in LM's hand in red at bottom of page
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.10 n.d.
handwritten excerpt of LM.AR4.PRP.04.6
File 2LM.AR5.PRP.03.11 n.d.
typewritten text by LM for Invisions Portfolio Statement
Professional Papers - Writings about Model's Life and Work
LM.AR5.PRP.04 Lisette Model: Writings about Model's Life and Work; date range of items: 1942 to post-1981
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.1 n.d.
"Biographical Sketch" in LM's handwriting
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.2 n.d.
"Professional Achievements and Educational Background" in LM's handwriting [Note: on back of page is a financial budget for the CAPS Fellowship in LM's handwriting]
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.3 n.d.
page 3 of a typewritten curriculum vitae for LM [annotations and doodles by LM]
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.4 n.d.
biographical outline and checklist of works, in LM's handwriting; "Catalogue S I" is written at bottom of page
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.5 n.d. [post-1981]
typewritten biographical sketch of LM; at bottom of page LM has written additional information regarding her awards, memberships, and present activities
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.6 n.d. [ca.1967]
typewritten chronology of LM
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.7 n.d.
five-page typewritten summary of LM's life and work by Charles R. Reynolds, Jr.; includes three pages of handwritten notes related to text
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.8 n.d.
five pages of handwritten notes on LM's life and work by Charles R. Reynolds, Jr.
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.9 22.3.44
Nancy Newhall, MoMA; press release with write-up on "New Workers I" exhibition, 1944; includes section entitled "Lisette Model: 2 Nightclubs"
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.10 22.3.44
Nancy Newhall, MoMA; press release on "New Workers I" exhibition; only portion on LM included; LM's handwriting on both copies citing source
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.11 n.d.
page with LM's handwriting listing citations about her and personal references
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.12 n.d.
typewritten excerpts on LM by various people including Steichen, Szarkowski, Nancy Newhall, et al.; "Write ups" at top of page in LM's hand
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.13 n.d.
same format as LM.AR4.PRP.04.12, except statement by Berenice Abbott added
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.14 n.d.
same format as LM.AR4.PRP.04.12, except information relating to her American Society of Magazine Photographers Honorary Membership is not included
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.15 n.d.
typewritten excerpt on LM by Steichen; LM has written "Museum of Modern Art, Edward Steichen" under text
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.16 n.d.
LM's handwritten copy of quotes by Steichen, Szarkowski, Nancy Newhall, et al.; on back of page she lists her awards and teaching experience
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.17 n.d.
typewritten excerpts by Steichen and McCausland; LM has written author's name on each, respectively
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.18 1942
Photo League bulletin announcing that LM has a series of photographs in Minicam, with accompanying text by Elizabeth McCausland [see LM.AR4.PRP.04.17]
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.19 n.d.
Elizabeth McCausland; three-page typewritten text entitled "Photography Today," discussing "Contemporary Photography" exhibition at A.C.A. Gallery, 31 July-31 August 1944 [in which LM participated]
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.20 n.d.
typewritten text entitled "Lisette Model" with reference notation on top of page "Cravens: Model/1st drft" [most likely a transcription from an interview with LM]
File 3LM.AR5.PRP.04.21 11.69
Page cut-out of Camera [England] with short biography of LM
File 4LM.AR5.PRP.04.21a n.d.
Elizabeth McCausland; nine page typewritten text entitled "Lisette Model"; five-page type-written text entitled "Feet, Photographs by Lisette Model, Text by Elizabeth McCausland" [appeared in Minicam, vol. 5, no. 5, January 1942, pp. 14-17; copy of text on acid-free paper precedes the original in Mylar]
LM.AR5.PRP.04.22 1979
Aperture Monograph galleys
Professional Papers - Miscellaneous
LM.AR5.PRP.05 Lisette Model: Miscellaneous Professional Papers; date range of items: 7.4.1983
File 5LM.AR5.PRP.05.1 7.4.83
A Tribute to Lisette Model (1906-1983), New School of Social Research; memorial service program for LM
File 5LM.AR5.PRP.05.2 7.4.83
typewritten text with handwritten annotations entitled "Lisette and Evsa" and dated April 7, 1983 [perhaps by David Vestal?]

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